Great for your business,
even better for the climate.

Consumer mindsets are now quickly shifting toward a desire for transparency on environmental impact.

So, why certify?

ClimateHound certifications pool together all sizes of businesses for a greater impact than any one could achieve on their own and serve to accelerate climate justice in the food and beverage industry at large.

“We must work together. We need more than businesses simply working alone on their own impact: it’s collaboration and collective voice, awareness, and action that will enable us to solve the climate crisis and create a just, equitable, regenerative future.”
- B Corp Climate Collective

ClimateHound's four C's
of climate action:

1. Calculate

Calculate your annual consumption-based carbon footprint.

2. Certify

Certify your business as eco-conscious or carbon neutral with ClimateHound.

3. Change

Create a plan to reduce your overall footprint year by year.

4. Communicate

Share your journey to becoming net-zero.

Start calculating?

"Our (2021) national survey finds that millions of Americans are willing to 'vote with their dollars' to reward companies taking climate action and punish companies blocking action. But the primary barrier holding consumers back is simply knowing which companies to reward or punish."
- Yale Program on Climate Change Communications