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Calculate your total carbon footprint, implement emissions reduction strategies, and achieve your environmental goals. We make it easy to get started and take meaningful action.
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One simple platform, and a full sustainability team

Mitigate your risks, and accelerate opportunities


Your company's total carbon footprint, including supply chain emissions

Our process is built specifically for beverage producers, CPG, bars, and restaurants. An actionable carbon footprint starts with asking the right questions and simplifying data collection.


Emissions reductions that improve your bottom line

Good choices for the planet can be good choices for a growing business too. We provide planning tools to simulate impact, estimate upfront cost, and evaluate the lifetime ROI of the strategy.


Communicate progress to customers, employees, regulators, and investors

ClimateHound automates a sustainability page that is easy to install on your website, and our certification and seal helps you show your action. Share your impact data with ease.

How it works
Aligned to leading standards


Represent your action wherever it fits the brand

ClimateHound provides our partners with a seal and certification for TTB-conforming applications to packaging without resubmitting labels, as well as opportunities at your facilities and in your marketing.

How It Works

Access emissions reduction opportunities – with data you already have on hand.

Connect your business tools

ClimateHound leverages over 200 integrations allowing you to use one portal to quickly import your operational data.

We handle the calculations

Our process meets the leading standards on impact analysis using data and equations from national and international agencies.

Results in your dashboard

Analyze your impact and create a plan to implement emissions reduction and mitigation strategies.
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ClimateHound accelerates your sustainability journey.

Kylie Bolland

Lost Grove Brewing
General Manager

“We have always been committed to going carbon neutral, and we were excited to find ClimateHound, a company that specializes in working with and understanding the beverage industry.

William Goldberg

Oak & Grist Distilling Co.
Founder and Head Distiller

“Distillation is a resource heavy process, and you can't manage what you haven't measured.

Lauren Turpin

plēb urban winery
Co-Owner and Executive Manager

ClimateHound is helping us close the gap to full carbon neutral certification, as we continue to implement reduction strategies through responsible growth.”

Become a net-zero contributor today, don't wait until 2030.