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All the essentials for reaching your environmental targets: operational insights, actionable strategies, easy-to-use templates, tools, and more. Take action with a custom-tailored impact reduction plan and guidance.

Import your data, generate impact

Empower your food and beverage business with ClimateHound. Our all-in-one solution seamlessly blends your operational data with environmental benchmarks, providing clear, actionable insights that benefit both your business and the planet in real-time.

Easily calculate your carbon footprint with over 200 business tool integrations

Our sustainability team helps you coordinate action in one simple app

Benchmark and achieve sustainability targets

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Report transparently

Enhance your sustainability program by leveraging ClimateHound's expertise in investor-grade reporting of your food and beverage business's carbon footprint, aligning with global sustainability standards: GHG Protocol, CDP, GRI, TCFD, and more.

Certify your actions

Gain credible sustainability certifications for your food and beverage business with ClimateHound. Our team streamlines the path to certified carbon neutrality, powered by renewables, and/or zero waste. The ClimateHound certification mark can then be used in your packaging and marketing.

Increase brand value and trust

Boost your brand's value and customer trust by collaborating with ClimateHound to achieve and showcase your sustainability goals in the competitive food and beverage industry. We can be your full-time sustainability team or accelerate your in-house sustainability professionals.

Accelerate decarbonization

The food and beverage industry generates 29% of global greenhouse gases. As a ClimateHound partner, you can help accelerate progress across the industry by showing your peers that sustainability can be good for both your business and the planet.

Engage and retain your employees

About 70% of today's workforce says a sustainability program makes a job more appealing, and 44% of business leaders consider their climate initiatives to be effective in recruitment and retention. ClimateHound helps you foster a culture of environmental responsibility while enhancing employee engagement and retention.

Reduce operational costs

ClimateHound's carbon accounting solutions help you identify and implement cost-effective emissions reduction strategies, significantly lowering operational expenses while charting a path to your company goals.

Optimize your supply chain

Leverage ClimateHound's expertise to optimize your supply chain, making it more sustainable and efficient, thereby enhancing overall business performance in the highly competitive food and beverage sector.

Improve investor appeal

About 80% of investors now consider sustainability criteria in their investment decisions. Working with ClimateHound provides you a robust sustainability program and that makes it easy to share investor-grade data on your impact.

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Don't wait until 2030

ClimateHound helps accelerate your sustainability with business-positive strategies to safeguard your company’s continued success, while contributing to global climate goals.

We specialize in food and beverage businesses just like yours

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Features and tools built for F&B operations

Carbon footprint analysis and annual reporting
Industry-specific guidance and best practices
ROI-positive impact reduction strategies
Interactive impact dashboard
Custom branded sustainability website
Goal planning and tracking with a dedicated expert
Utility monitoring and insights
Carbon neutral certification
Emissions projections
Net-Zero planning
Activity and spend-based calculations
Tax incentive search
Carbon offsets and renewable energy credits
Powered by renewable energy certification
Track and improve your water consumption

ClimateHound helps you identify – and achieve – targets in line with global standards


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ClimateHound streamlines your climate performance with our all-in-one platform. Whether craft or macro-scale, independent or a quick-service chain, our team will help you see that sustainability is an obvious choice for all.

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