Mission Statement

We hunt carbon reductions and make sustainability an easy decision to enhance your brand.

Palmer Fox

Founder + CEO

From growing up on the Carolina coast to a bachelor’s of environmental design in architecture, Palmer Fox has always been passionate about choices that impact the natural world, and his decade in the food and beverage industry, including seven years as a bar program director, gives him important insight on the needs of beverage producers, bars and restaurants, and more. These passions have come together in ClimateHound. With past experience launching an app to streamline liquor orders and inventory management for bars and restaurants, Palmer is committed to simplifying the hunt for carbon reductions and supporting the food and beverage industry in making good choices for their businesses, their customers, and their planet.

Our team is ready to drive change!

Jake McHargue

Co-Founder + Director of Tech

Jake is a full stack software engineer with a decade of experience. He has bootstrapped several web applications from cellular adjacent technology to chemical data analytics. Jake was most recently the Director of Technology at Ionization Labs where he started as the first technical hire and built a team to support the platform.

David Stone

Head of Product

With both a bachelor’s of architecture and a master’s of packaging science from Clemson, David has nearly a decade of experience in multidisciplinary design and digital product creation, and he is currently a lead UX designer at REI focused on sustainability projects in addition to his role with ClimateHound.

Lori Hines


Formerly CFO of Schneider Electric (an early adopter of climate neutrality goals), Cummins, and Carlex, Lori supports our startup with deep knowledge of financial modeling, cash management, business development, and strategic planning as well as her own experience as a successful entrepreneur.

C.A. Carlson

Lead Content Creator

C.A. has used her M.F.A. in creative writing from Cornell as the foundation for a career writing about both the higher education sector and the food and beverage industries, and she is drawing upon her experience in communicating complex topics to wide audiences in her work for ClimateHound.

Board of Advisors

Sean Moore

Co-founder and CTO of an IT-startup called HomeGauge, Sean successfully exited his company after 19 years and has since launched VinylKey, an NFT system for collectible vinyl records. He also has a keen eye for detail and constructive criticism.

Chris Bower

Co-founder of Eda Rhyne Distilling Company and owner of three bars (Double Crown, Lazy Diamond, and Pink Moon), Chris is a creative visionary across businesses from film to bars to distilleries and is helping to visualize the future of ClimateHound’s brand relationships.

Patrick McGowan

Founder of The Service Design Group, where he creates business models and service innovations for enterprise clients, Patrick has previous Fortune 100 strategy and leadership experience and holds an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, alongside 20+ patents in software and user experience design.

Don Wright

Don is a technologist first holding a Bachelor's of Computer Engineering from NC State but quickly found himself leading go to market and business strategy for a number of successful products and technologies over a 20+ year career in startups.

Offset Markets


What is a carbon footprint, and why should we care?
What does it mean to go carbon neutral?
What does certification mean?
What are carbon offsets?
Why ClimateHound?
Do consumers really care?
Does the public really care?
Will consumers pay more for carbon neutral products?
Can't we just do this ourselves?
Is climate change really affecting the food and beverage industry?
Does a ton of CO2 literally mean 2,000lbs?