What does “being carbon neutral” mean for a company? And for me?

All of us living in the world today have carbon footprints. That’s the measure of how our choices – walking vs. driving, opening a window vs. using air conditioning – create greenhouse gases that we are personally responsible for. Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide enter the earth’s atmosphere from burning fossil fuels in our cars, our factories, our energy plants, and more. Other greenhouse gases like methane are created by farming practices. 

Science tells us that a) humans are responsible for almost all greenhouse gases, and b) greenhouse gases trap heat in our atmosphere and make the planet warmer. And that can make it harder for animals, plants, AND humans to survive. 

“Being carbon neutral” means that we are making choices to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases we generate, offset our impact by funding projects and technologies that lower the level of these gases in our shared atmosphere, or BOTH. When you’re carbon neutral, you’re not adding to the planet’s warming – and you might even be helping to reverse it.

Why does that matter?

If we don’t act now, so many things we know and love won’t be around for future generations – and may even be gone in our lifetimes. We are already seeing animal and plant species on the verge of extinction because their habitats are changing, and humans around the world are facing wildfires, droughts, and other extreme weather events that are threatening food supplies and more. Scientists say that if we don’t go carbon neutral as a global community by 2050, we may have permanently changed our atmosphere – there will be no going back.

What can I do?

We can all make choices everyday to slow the warming of our planet.

Companies like ours are working with ClimateHound to measure our carbon footprint, change the way we do business to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, and fund everything from preserving old growth forests, expanding renewable energy, providing clean cookstoves to developing nations, and capturing carbon right out of the air to store it underground where it can no longer affect the atmosphere. We became certified carbon neutral by ClimateHound because we care about the earth AND our customers.

As a consumer, you can support ClimateHound certified businesses. When you choose a carbon neutral product or purchase, you’re keeping your own carbon footprint smaller – and helping us to be good citizens of the earth, too. We want you and your families – as well as ours – to have a safe and secure future on a beautiful and healthy planet.

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