Privacy Policy

March 8, 2023

1. General

BottleHound, Inc. d/b/a ClimateHound (“ClimateHound”) is committed to respecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy explains how ClimateHound collects, uses, and stores your personal data.

ClimateHound will occasionally update this Privacy Policy, found at, and will comply with applicable notification requirements upon doing so.

The information described in this Privacy Policy relates only to your use of,, and their various web pages (the “Sites”), and only to personally identifying information. The information described in this Privacy Policy does not relate to aggregate or anonymous information that cannot reasonably be used to identify you.

2. What personally identifying information is collected?

● Information expressly requested by ClimateHound:

Payment Information: To receive access to certain services, ClimateHound will direct you to a payment processing service that may collect information such as payment card numbers, expiration dates, codes, and associated billing information. ClimateHound uses, but does not store, payment information collected by third parties.

Information automatically collected by ClimateHound and its affiliates: Log information such as your internet protocol (“IP”) address, location, browser type, operating system, referral URLs, device information, links clicked, and pages visited.

Cookies and other information: Data stored and sent by your browser in the form of cookies or other tracking tools that allow ClimateHound to learn about website user activity, personalize advertisements and content, and improve website user experience.

3. Purposes for collecting your personal information

Personally identifying information collected is intended for the sole purpose of administering ClimateHound services as detailed below.

Allows ClimateHound to:

● Operate the Site;

● Respond to applications/inquiries;

● Provide Services as defined in Service Terms Agreement;

● Personalize content according to your preferences and activity;

● Contact you with information that might be of interest based on your use of the Site;

● Monitor for activity that violates this Privacy Policy; and

● Provide information as required by law, including compliance with law enforcement and enforcement of this Privacy Policy.

Allows you to:

● Access and purchase ClimateHound services as defined in Service Terms Agreement;

● Receive communications and updates about your services;

● Avoid re-entering information each time you visit the Site;

● Receive improved and customized experiences;

● Receive requested and relevant information; and

● Login to your ClimateHound account where applicable.

Detailed data used for calculation purposes will not be shared by ClimateHound unless upon your express authorization (e.g. your use of ClimateHound services to report data to a third-party agency).

By consenting to the ClimateHound Service Terms Agreement, you expressly authorize ClimateHound to share the final outcome of your scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, cumulative emissions, reduction strategies implemented and in-progress, and your sustainability story on a custom sustainability webpage.

ClimateHound will not sell your information to a third party without your consent. ClimateHound may share your information with service providers (e.g. Google Analytics, Stripe, DocuSign, Drip, Hubspot, Webflow) who need access to your information to perform certain services for ClimateHound. For any of these third parties, please see each provider’s own privacy policy or reach out to ClimateHound with inquiries about how your information is used.

ClimateHound may allow third party ad servers or networks to provide personalized advertisements on select third party websites, including social media platforms or occasionally on the Site. In doing so, said third parties will receive your IP address and possibly other information, including cookies, to evaluate and improve their advertisement content.

ClimateHound will retain your collected information for the life of your services, unless otherwise described in this Privacy Policy, and for a commercially reasonable time after termination of your account.

4. How information is stored and protected

Personally identifying information collected by ClimateHound is stored and processed in the United States, and may be accessed in jurisdictions inside and outside of the United States. Information may be transmitted through jurisdictions having data protection laws more or less robust as your local jurisdiction.

Upon your use of specific ClimateHound Services and, due to the nature of creating a baseline emissions calculation and progressively working forward throughout future service years, data is not destroyed unless specifically requested upon termination of ClimateHound services.

ClimateHound takes reasonable and appropriate measures to safeguard users’ information including protecting administrator access to the website and communications.

ClimateHound cannot warrant against unauthorized uses of any collected information. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any unique usernames and password and for controlling access to your personally identifying information, including providing third-party access to your account dashboard and emissions specifics.

5. Managing your information

You may unsubscribe from receiving email communications from ClimateHound using the link provided in email communications. You may refer to your Internet browser’s instructions for managing tracking tools.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or want to submit a request related to data management, you can contact ClimateHound at