Planning a Food and Beverage Event for Low Climate Impact

Shade City Brewfest and ClimateHound show how you can drink for the climate and make your festival carbon neutral.

by The ClimateHound Team | 8min read

The People Behind the Partnership: ClimateHound and StoveTeam International

The story of an offset with special meaning for the food and beverage industry

by The ClimateHound Team | 4min read

Beyond Greenwashing: What Does “Carbon Neutral” Really Mean?

Our continuing series about bringing true climate action into the light

by The ClimateHound Team | 8min read

ClimateHound Launches First Carbon Neutral Certification for the Food and Beverage Industry

With roots in the Blue Ridge Mountains and now a headquarters in Austin, the startup is helping businesses step up for the planet

by The ClimateHound Team | 8min read

Sharing Our Story: ClimateHound Sits Down with Consuming the Craft

On a recent visit from Austin to Asheville, ClimateHound founder and CEO Palmer Fox was excited to meet Jeffrey “Puff” Irvin, director of the Craft Beverage Institute of the Southeast.

by The ClimateHound Team | 4min read

Offsets: What We Can Do Now for Our Climate Future

Let’s face facts: For most individuals and businesses in the world today, it’s impossible not to have a carbon footprint.

by The ClimateHound Team | 4min read

Offsets: Clean Cookstoves

Three billion people around the world – a third of the global population – don’t have the luxury of instant, efficient heat for cooking.

by The ClimateHound Team | 4min read

Offsets: Renewable Energy

The fossil fuels that supply more than 80 percent of the energy used around the world today began life as plankton in the ocean and plants in prehistoric landscapes. Every time you visit the gas station, you’re tapping into a limited supply of ancient compost.

by The ClimateHound Team | 4min read

Offsets: Natural Solutions

Before the Industrial Revolution and all its consequences – from the polluting effects of mass production to the fossil-fuel-burning trains and trucks needed to transport goods – our atmosphere’s balance was maintained by the planet itself.

by The ClimateHound Team | 4min read

Offsets: Emerging Technology

Direct air carbon capture and storage may sound like science fiction – and the idea of sucking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and keeping it safely underground was originally met with skepticism and scrutiny – but the technology is real.

by The ClimateHound Team | 4min read

The Fast Track to Carbon Neutrality: Why Work with ClimateHound

Like going to a mechanic who works on cars day in and day out, working with ClimateHound can get your business on the road to climate neutrality fast.

by The ClimateHound Team | 3min read

A Beginning and a Baseline: What is Cap and Trade, and How Can We Do Better?

Cap and trade systems have been an important tool in raising corporate and public awareness about measurable ways to address climate impact, but they can also suggest that going climate neutral is so hard and so expensive for businesses that nothing short of government regulation can make it happen. That’s not the case!

by The ClimateHound Team | 5min read

Beyond Greenwashing: Bringing True Climate Action into the Light

In March 2022, the Securities and Exchange Commission held a preliminary vote to require publicly traded companies to disclose climate-related metrics, including greenhouse gas emissions.

by The ClimateHound Team | 4min read