Reduce your winery's carbon footprint

Navigating winery sustainability can be complicated. ClimateHound offers comprehensive insights into your emissions, paired with ROI-driven strategies for effective reduction. Easily achieve your sustainability goals.

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Customer Testimonial

"We became a biodynamic and organic grower/producer in 2016 because it matters to both us and our customers that plēb is working hard to be a good caretaker of the planet. Now ClimateHound is helping us close the gap to full carbon neutral certification, as we continue to implement reduction strategies through responsible growth. Certification to neutrality is a critical element of our holistic commitment to environmental responsibility."

Lauren Turpin

Co-Owner and Executive Manager

Coordinate winery sustainability from one simple platform

Mitigate your risks, and accelerate your opportunities

Connect your business tools and utility providers

ClimateHound leverages over 200 integrations to power a quick and easy calculation. Analyze your company emissions and capture ongoing real-time data on operational costs and opportunities.

Lower your company emissions and accelerate decarbonization

Our dedicated team of sustainability professionals will help you identify business-positive impact reduction strategies. You can help achieve global targets with meaningful actions that generate measurable ROI.

Report on progress with a custom sustainability webpage

ClimateHound follows GHG Protocol standards and uses leading environmental data, which means we can align reporting with leading frameworks like CDP, TCFD, and more. Investor-grade reporting, simplified into a custom sustainability page that can be embedded on your website in seconds or exported to share. 

Built for winemakers

Experience the ClimateHound platform in action

Taking climate action can reduce your impact while improving winery goals

TTB-approved certification

ClimateHound provides our seal and certification for TTB-conforming placement without resubmitting your labels, as well as visibility at your facilities and in your marketing.

Improve operational costs

ClimateHound prioritizes business incentives like tax credits to help drive your impact as both a responsible winery operator and environmental steward.

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Don't wait until 2030

A U.N. report has set 2030 as a target for cutting worldwide emissions by half if we want to avert a climate crisis. ClimateHound helps accelerate your sustainability to safeguard your company’s continued success, while contributing to global climate goals.

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