The ClimateHound Pack: Eda Rhyne Distilling Company

The ClimateHound Team
Jun 15, 2023
2 min read

Back when ClimateHound was just a puppy – a great idea that founder Palmer Fox was quietly discussing with a few close friends and colleagues – our earliest and most enthusiastic supporter was Eda Rhyne Distilling Company. Co-owner Chris Bower had served on the advisory board of Palmer’s first startup (full disclosure: he’s also on the board of ClimateHound), and he instantly understood the vision for our company. 

That’s because sustainability is essential to Eda Rhyne’s business model, too: From its award-winning range of American amaro like a flagship fernet and a nocino made from local black walnuts to a whiskey made from heirloom grain varieties and gin infused with Carolina hemlock, the Asheville’s company’s products celebrate and depend upon a thriving ecosystem

“Through our sustainably foraged and farmed botanicals, we are trying to capture and celebrate the incredible biodiversity of Appalachia,” says Chris. “Through our ClimateHound carbon neutral certification, Eda Rhyne is gaining perspective on our impact, which is the first step to identifying reduction strategies that are most relevant to our business practices.”

"Through our ClimateHound carbon neutral certification, Eda Rhyne is gaining perspective on our impact."

Eda Rhyne was already making choices that matter for the planet: about 85 to 90 percent of its ingredients come from the area around Asheville, including co-owner Rett Murphy’s farm and local foraging. Slashing the supply chain cuts fossil fuel consumption, and the company also reduces its impact by using repurposed equipment and harvesting hot water from its stills multiple times, maximizing the value of its energy use. Going carbon neutral through ClimateHound was a natural extension of the Eda Rhyne ethos – and welcoming Eda Rhyne as our very first launch partner felt deeply meaningful to the ClimateHound team.

“I have been working with Eda Rhyne since my days behind the bar in Asheville,” says Palmer. “The company has always represented what’s best about craft distilling: a commitment to careful sourcing and creative products that take the industry to new levels. Eda Rhyne is leading the way yet again as ClimateHound’s first carbon neutral distillery, and I’m prouder than ever to partner with them.”

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