The ClimateHound Pack: Lost Grove Brewing

The ClimateHound Team
Jul 27, 2023
3 min read

When ClimateHound connected with Lost Grove Brewing in Boise, Idaho, we were excited to learn about the beer-loving, planet-loving family that this pioneering beverage producer has created around itself. Since they opened their doors in 2017, Lost Grove Brewing has prioritized community, sustainability, and quality in everything they do – and becoming Idaho’s first carbon neutral brewery is continuing that commitment. 

Every pint of Lost Grove beer, from IPAs to ambers, to sours and stouts, represents an intention to continually find new ways to give back and reduce their impact. At the Certified B Corporation brewery and taproom in Boise, Idaho, employees make a living wage and receive time off for volunteer work and vacation, and the company is already reducing its footprint with solar panels on their outdoor tap station, waste reduction, and local sourcing. 

"With this partnership, we are on a path to help us achieve our sustainability goals that have always been important to us."

General Manager Kylie Bolland says, “We have always been committed to going carbon neutral, and we were excited to find ClimateHound, a company that specializes in working with and understanding the beverage industry. With this partnership, we are on a path to help us achieve our sustainability goals that have always been important to us."

Lost Grove and ClimateHound are building on the partnership to welcome other breweries into the carbon neutral community, too. In April, Lost Grove will host the second annual Shade City Brewfest, a 70s-themed celebration of sustainability created with the Treasure Valley Canopy Network and the Idaho Botanical Garden. Timed to coincide with Earth Day, the event will explore the ways that the beverage industry, other businesses, and individuals can reduce their impact while sharing great experiences, from local food and drink to live music. As part of the event, ClimateHound will help the Shade City Brewfest team pursue further impact reduction strategies and offer participating breweries a credit toward their first carbon footprint calculation, the sum of which will cover all costs for most single location, small craft producers. As a key element to the ClimateHound x Shade City Brewfest partnership, the event will be certified carbon neutral on an annual basis, quite possibly the first of its kind!

ClimateHound CEO Palmer Fox says, “We're excited to welcome the Lost Grove team as partners in decarbonizing the food and beverage industry and to join them in celebrating sustainability at the Shade City Brewfest. Lost Grove has already positioned itself as a leader with its B Corp status, and their ClimateHound certification helps to set a new standard for the brewing community – not just on their home turf in Idaho, but across the country and beyond.“

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